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2022-04-25 12:29 am
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I have finally found you

I don't think life is quite that simple

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2014-06-05 06:40 pm
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2013-12-01 12:34 am
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Christmas cards!

Following suit and posting here,
Please leave your info here if you'd like a Christmas card (and/or letter) from me! All comments are screened! (If you don't have DW, please message me on twitter or tumblr! Preferably here though, hehe)

I've asked on tumblr and twitter already, but the older I become, the more scatterbrained I get, it seems... So please comment here so I can have everyone's info in one place! (I didn't mean for that to sound so creepy)

If we don't follow each other on twitter, please let me know your tumblr username!

If I'm sending you a package, it might be a little late because my semester ends later than usual, and I won't be home until near Christmas ;w; But I will keep you updated!

I'm (not) gomen about my song choice above
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2012-09-23 02:32 am
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2012-06-16 04:58 am

Isn't it wonderful?

Looks like it has been well over a month since my last entry ;;;;; oops!

I kind of avoided the internet around finals and thought I would have some free time when I returned home, but I unexpectedly became really busy again!

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But I haven't been really playing games since summer break started... (Those who know me well know that I'm almost always playing or replaying something!?!) Actually, I feel like I just wasted a month of my break already... (stares off into the distance...) I got a few new games, like Resonace of Fate (which I was able to start a bit) and Arc Rise Fantasia. While being sick, I started to play Re: Chain of Memories again because. IDK. Kingdom Hearts feels. (A little over a month now!!)

I've been watching a few series from this season! I'm really enjoying Shirokuma Cafe, Tsuritama, and Kuroko no Basuke. I'm pretty behind in Sakamamichi no Apollon u__u And I started a few others as well, but I'll catch up with them later when I have more time... (When!?!) But OMG... I love Tsuritama so much... It really pulls at my heartstrings ;w;

Today (er, yesterday), I went to Distant Worlds for the second time! IT WAS AMAZING. But I'll write about that later because it's five in the morning, LOL... I'll crawl into bed now.

Good night!
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2012-04-27 02:05 am

Touch the sky

I'm going home for the weekend tomorrow (later today since it's after midnight?!), so I probably won't have a lot of time online (minus what I have to do for my history project T__T)
I hope to spend my weekend relaxing a little (and hopefully not procrastinate too much on my project...) (╹ω╹)

Anyway, since I'm going through and organzing photos from my phone, here are some photos from when I was playing Tales of Graces =w= I actually haven't finished the game yet... I'm at the save point right before the final boss of the future arc, LOL. I plowed through ToG during spring break, and... well... Kind of don't want it to end yet... Since I played through it so quickly, haha. (Even though there's lots of post-game stuff to do!) Also I have this impending feeling that the ending is going to either upset me greatly or make me really angry, LOL ;;;;;

Also, spoiler alert below the cut!! Nothing major, I think, but I know some of my friends haven't finished ToG yet... ;w;

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And this concludes another entry with no real substance, hehe... (ᇂωᇂ)
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2012-04-26 10:11 am

Can't get enough

I spent a good chunk of last night setting up this blog, but now I have no idea what to write...

Well... I finished Devil Survivor 2 a few nights ago! I quite enjoyed it, even more than the first one. I went for Yamato's route (maybe for ulterior motives), and I have no idea how I survived the final boss... By the end of the final phase, my entire party died (all demons and people died, and I only had protag left), and I somehow... managed to beat Polaris... (stares off into the distance...) I was expecting a really dramatic ending, but it wasn't as cool as I expected =w= (Maybe... because of those ulterior motives... I mean, what)

Anyway, here are photos I took with my phone (haha) while playing DS2 =w=

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Wow, this was an extremely lame post
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2012-04-20 10:52 pm
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