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I'm going home for the weekend tomorrow (later today since it's after midnight?!), so I probably won't have a lot of time online (minus what I have to do for my history project T__T)
I hope to spend my weekend relaxing a little (and hopefully not procrastinate too much on my project...) (╹ω╹)

Anyway, since I'm going through and organzing photos from my phone, here are some photos from when I was playing Tales of Graces =w= I actually haven't finished the game yet... I'm at the save point right before the final boss of the future arc, LOL. I plowed through ToG during spring break, and... well... Kind of don't want it to end yet... Since I played through it so quickly, haha. (Even though there's lots of post-game stuff to do!) Also I have this impending feeling that the ending is going to either upset me greatly or make me really angry, LOL ;;;;;

Also, spoiler alert below the cut!! Nothing major, I think, but I know some of my friends haven't finished ToG yet... ;w;

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And this concludes another entry with no real substance, hehe... (ᇂωᇂ)
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I spent a good chunk of last night setting up this blog, but now I have no idea what to write...

Well... I finished Devil Survivor 2 a few nights ago! I quite enjoyed it, even more than the first one. I went for Yamato's route (maybe for ulterior motives), and I have no idea how I survived the final boss... By the end of the final phase, my entire party died (all demons and people died, and I only had protag left), and I somehow... managed to beat Polaris... (stares off into the distance...) I was expecting a really dramatic ending, but it wasn't as cool as I expected =w= (Maybe... because of those ulterior motives... I mean, what)

Anyway, here are photos I took with my phone (haha) while playing DS2 =w=

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Wow, this was an extremely lame post

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